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At The Banana Kitchen, we understand the importance of nourishing meals in fueling the productivity and well-being of your team.

That’s why we’ve tailored exclusive catering solutions for businesses looking to enhance their daily routines and special meetings with quality dining experiences.

Explore our range of offerings designed to meet your corporate needs:

Breakfast Packages: Start the day right with our breakfast package. Choose from our classics, healthy fruits and yogurts and sweet options, all tailored to fit your team’s preferences.

Lunch Deals: Simplify your daily lunch routine with our flexible lunch deals. Enjoy a rotating menu of fresh, nutritious, and delicious meals, catering to various dietary needs and tastes.

Lunch Meetings: Make your lunch meetings more productive and enjoyable with our catering service. From light bites to full-course meals, we ensure your meetings are well-catered for, with options to suit every requirement.

Lunch at Banana Kitchen
Banana Kitchen

Feel the taste of healthy food

Does your company want a versatile and healthy food partner then we are your right choice.

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Easter & Spring

Let’s celebrate Easter & Spring together at Banana Kitchen. Starting with an energising practice, followed by a delicious healthy breakfast 🌷πŸ₯šπŸ₯žπŸ’•

Saturday 30th March at 8:00am